About me

My name is Nina Cunderlik and from my 5 Years old I am inside of Tourism for the reason of my father and from my 16 Years old inside of planning events and wedding, mostly for the reason of my uncle. And from my 18 Years old I recognised the life of promotion and advertisement.

Being and working from my young age helped me to understand that each client is special and each country is different for the reason of another type of culture. For that reason I open NC agency- NC like first letters of my name and surname and agency like agency, which cares about each event , conference or wedding from ALFA to OMEGA. Three types of colour show national flag of Slovakia, but how I answer from where am I: ¨I am European. My ID is from Slovakia, history of my family around the world and living mostly in Italy and Greece.¨ 

During my life I changed a lot of destinations and working in the big cities such as London, Paris, Rome or Barcelona that help me to feel different taste of people and help me better to build the team of right cooperation partners around the world.

During the Coronavirus I started with the new project of supporting the events, wedding and tourism destination with making videos and writing blog  to support my love, my hobby, my job ..... preparing, caring and creating of new projects, new weddings, new events, new destinations, new meetings.

¨Do everything with love ¨    .............and I DO!

My service:

  •  MICE - planning and organisation of conferences, events, workshop, incentives and corporate travel
  • WEDDING - wedding planner in 3 countries of Europe
  • PROMOTION - preparing better possibilities for your business
  • BUYERS- bringing buyers and customers from all the world to your hotel, activity, workshop, b2b meeting or exhibition 
  • CONTACTS- preparing new products for leisure and luxury travel and offers for the hotels for your clients
Work with me and become to be part of our satisfied clients, part of my fiends and  family, because I do not look on you like the client, but like on my friend and family.