Do you need support for your product? Do you want that your product, destination, hotel or idea will be closer to buyers?

IF you said 2 times YES, send me an email and I will send you offer with best possibilities to rise up your business.

On the photo, you can find 4 words- place, product, price and promotion. Your product can be hotel or destination or event and than you want to sell it, so you have to find the right place- right target, right price and you have to promote it.  Life started to be more and more digital and with the right marketing you can bring your destination, hotel or event in the highest position on sale. 

On the beginning of my work in the world of the advertisement, I started with the projects of food or chemistry, than services and than hotels and destinations. You can say that promote food is so simple, because we need to eat, but in food you can find a lot of different companies fighting for the client and that help me. That help me to understand, how important is right moment on right place with right speech to sale it. And that works as well fo the hotel. In right target, you have to sale hotel rooms to the right clients and you need the right price for them and right promotion. And with the hotels you can sale the destination and you need to have buyers. Lot of years of exhibitions and B2B meetings help me to find the contacts for the right buyers around the world for right product, hotel and destination.

Send me an email and start to cooperate together in right time, on right project or product on right place with right buyers and advertisement.